rich & creamy
small-batch milk

Milked to order by family farmers & delivered fresh the same day

Full cream
cow’s milk.
That’s it.

Our secret to great milk is to get out of nature’s way.

That means waiting until after the calves have had their fill before we start milking. It means low intensity, pasture-based farming. And using sturdy reusable, glass bottles to store our deliciously smooth & creamy milk.

real Milk everyone can love

Simple, wholesome,
great-tasting milk.

Within minutes of milking, your milk is pasteurised and chilled, ready to be bottled. Our hands-off approach gives our milk its full, smooth and creamy taste. We skip the whole homogenisation bit too, so give your bottle a shake when you see a layer of cream on top—just like everyone used to.

Milked to order.
Just for you.

No one likes waste. Or milk that’s gone off. Our online ordering model takes care of both problems: we prepare & transport just enough milk to cover the day’s orders, and you get to take that farm-fresh taste home—the day it was milked.

Happy cows
produce great milk.

Sure, that’s hard to prove definitively. But our calves stay with their mothers and drink all the milk they want, before we milk what’s left. On top of that, our balanced approach to agriculture is kinder to the earth and sustainable long-term. Maybe it’s knowing all that, that makes Happy Cow Milk taste so good.

How it works

A little less convenient, maybe. A whole lot better, definitely.

There’s no getting around it: buying our milk isn’t as simple as grabbing a bottle when you’re picking up groceries at the supermarket. But we think that our milk’s great taste, our commitment to revolutionising modern dairy farming, our zero-waste fresh milk mission, and herds of happy cows are worth it, don’t you?

Create an account

Signing up is easy—we’ll ask you for your address, and help you securely add your credit card details through trusted online payments service, Stripe.

Set up your order

Select how much milk you need, and choose a collection point. You can also set up a custom subscription so you never run out.

Collect your milk

We’ll flick you an email when your milk has been delivered at your chosen collection point, and charge your card when you pick up your milk. Enjoy!

Rinse & Repeat

When the bottle’s empty, rinse it with cold water and return it when you collect your next milk order so we can credit your account.

The taste of childhood

Our taste buds and memories are connected, and we’ve all got a taste that transports us back to a magical childhood moment.

For our founder Glen, it’s a tall glass of cold milk, milked fresh on his family farm. Those happy memories—of how small farms used to run, serving the communities around them—formed the foundation of Glen’s mission to help family farmers do things differently in the name of great-tasting milk and happy cows.

But this isn’t a story about turning back time. Glen’s tech-powered milk processing hub is another in a long line of ingeniously practical kiwi inventions, and it might just be the world’s smallest automated on-farm milk-factory-in-a-box.

It’s an invention that bucks the industry trend: allowing small family-owned farms the ability to make and sell competitively-priced premium milk that’s kinder to cows, their calves, and the pastures they live on.

Find a fridge near you

We’re growing our network of collection points as fast as we can—so we might not be in your neighbourhood just yet. Check our where you can pick up your milk order from below, and if we’re not near you yet, let us know where you’d like to see us deliver to next.

Happy cows first

We believe that happy cows make better milk. And because we get this superfood from them, our herds come first.

Calves are normally separated from their mothers soon after birth. We choose to not do that, instead, we let the calves stay with their mothers until they until the calves wean naturally and go their separate ways. This greatly reduces the stress on both calf and mother, and makes everyone happier—us farmers too.

And yes, we know. Our way adds effort, inconvenience, and cost. But the right way of doing things often does.

We reckon that treating cows like machines hides a much greater cost than just their wellbeing. Working dairy farms beyond the limits of their capacity isn’t sustainable. And large-scale manufacturing adds additional processing that dilutes the milk and increases shelf-life.

Not to mention the estimated 360 billion liters of milk produced globally that is lost, wasted or dumped each year.

We’d love for you to join our mooovement (see what we did there?) to ensure every tasty glassful of nutritious milk is helping to change farms for good.

Freshness, trusted

We love the milk we produce, and so do these wonderful partners that choose to fill their fridges & dispensers with milk from the Happy Cow Milk Co.

You’ll also find our milk used at exceptional establishments around Auckland like the Crafty Baker, Brickhouse Café, Ima Cuisine, and Pistackio Gelato. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how you can get our milk into your café or restaurant.

We’d love if you could support those that support our mission.

Milk done different

You can’t just buy our milk

You have to preorder it. It’s not about being precious: we have two great reasons why.

First, our calves have first dibs on milk. Once they’re done, we take only what we really need. That’s where our ordering system comes in—letting us know exactly what’s needed by our community. Down to the last drop.

Secondly, milk ranks second as the world’s most wasted food product; as much as one sixth of all milk produced globally is lost. That’s why you won’t find our milk on a fridge shelf in your supermarket. Not making a drop more than we need is a great step towards zero waste.

We don’t store our milk

Our bespoke milk processing hub allows us to pasteurise milk on the farm and send out deliveries the same day. There’s no complicated manufacturing supply chain or long-term storage vats.

When your milk is delivered at your chosen collection point, we’ll let you know so you can pick up fresh milk, the day it was milked.

Reuse beats recycled

A recent audit shows that as much as 100% of kerbside recycling by councils in Aotearoa ends up in landfill.

So we’re doing our part by being responsible for the packaging we use. We settled on sturdy glass bottles, built for repeat sterilisation and reuse.

That’s why you’ll see a bottle bond charge when you order your milk. It operates on a return-for-a-refund scheme that helps our entire community play their part in ensuring over 98% reuse of every bottle, every time.

It’s a return to a thriftier past to help secure a better future.

Got a question?

We’ve got answers. About our milk. Our processes. Our farming practices. And a whole lot more.